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jan's tours & travel service ltd offers increasingly popular alternative types of travel experience, both in Bali and other areas of Indonesia.
The jan's tours sales team is always at the ready to provide unique and innovative customised programs,  exclusively tailored to the particular interests, budget, taste, and schedule of clients.
We invite you to consult with us with outline of client's request and interests, and allow us to come up with unique and innovative itineraries. For Further Information and Price, please Contact us.

 Bali Day Tours

Bali is arguably the best known of the islands of Indonesia besides Java and is known as a utopia of culture, arts and community. On this temple-strewn island where volcanic crater lakes feed lush irrigated rice fields the unique Hindu Dharma religion is a daily celebration of fruitful cooperation between the land, the gods, and the people. Bali is one of 17.000 islands of the colorful archipelago of Indonesia and is a pocket of Hindu Dharma in an otherwise Muslim majority population. Lush scenery warm friendly people & the unique culture make this a tropical island not to be missed.Tour Packages.

 Bali Extension

The island of Bali not only offers a delightful tropical holiday, with a wide range of accommodation choices depending on your budget. It's unique culture and tropical scenery provide a spectacular range of sight seeing, discovery and adventures that can not possibly all be experienced in one visit. Visits to Bali offer opportunities to island hop and discover other destinations within this fascinating archipelago where thousands of verdant islands are waiting to be discovered.Tour Packages  

 Bali Round Trips

The Bali Round Trips have been carefully compiled in response to popular request, and are highly recommended as the best thing to do when you first arrive on the island. Many visitors to Bali are seduced by the luxury of the beach resorts and miss out on the chance to experience the wide variety of scenery and fascinating places just waiting to be discovered in other parts of the island. Available to individuals and small groups only, these round trips offer an excellent introduction to the island, its people, their art and culture. Tour Packages


Wide rivers give access to the inland areas of Kalimantan where more than 200 indigenous Dayak tribes live as they have done for centuries in small, shifting villages. In the jungle upriver at Tanjung Puting a rehabilitation centre helps orangutans to return to the wild.Tour Packages.


Komodo is a small island of 280 square km located between the islands of Sumba and Flores. The island is almost all hill and barren except for palm trees and some wood but it is famous for it's giant lizards which are believed to be the last of their kind remaining in the world today.

To many modern naturalists, this island is particularly interesting, because of this unique species, called the Komodo Dragon. Called “Ora” by the local people, Komodo “dragon” (Varanus Komodoensis) is actually a giant Monitor lizard. Growing up to 2,5 - 3 meters in length, 45 – 150 kg weighs and able to run at speeds of 20 km per hour. Their ancestors roamed the earth up to about half a million years ago. They are both carnivorous and fearsome predators, utilizing a strategy of stealth and power to capture prey. Komodos live on carrion of goats, deer, and even the carcasses of their own kind.

Komodo are protected by law and though they are considered harmless, it is advisable to keep them at a distance. Komodo island is now a nature reserve, being part of a National Park. It is home to a number of rare bird species, wild buffalo, horses, boar, Timor deer, Macaque monkey, palm civet cats and wild pigs, which are prey to the lizards as well. This type of Dragon can be found in several other islands of Indonesia, they are; Rinca, Padar, and Flores (on the West and Central parts of Flores Island).Tour Packages


The active volcanoes Rinjani in Lombok and Tambora in Sumbawa tempt hikers and climbers with magnificent views and idyllic crater lakes. The Gili islands off Lombok , and the coastal islands off Sumbawa teem with colorful reef life. High in the mountains of Sumbawa, accesible only by four wheel drive jeep, are picturesque isolated villages where coffee grows, and life continues in the way it was centuries ago. Tour Packages

 North Sumatra

North Sumatera with its colorful and ethnically mixed population is Indonesia most populous island outside of Java. Dynamic Bataks, Malays, Javanese, Indians, and Chinese have created a fascinating kaleidoscope of modern and traditional Indonesian Culture, in this island.

Two major ecological zones in the province are a fertile, swamp-fringed eastern plain largely given over to plantations, and a central volcanic core - The Bukit Barisan - formed 70 million years ago by tectonic movements.  The jewel of Northern Sumatera - Lake Toba was initially formed some 75.000 years ago in one of the most violent volcanic eruptions ever known. A second series of eruptions some 30.000 years ago built up a new volcano inside the older one, and the depression formed by these convulsions now measures about 120 KM long by 45 KM wide. Tour Packages


Papua is a province of Indonesia comprising a majority part of the western half of the island of New Guinea and nearby islands 
The Mamberamo river, sometimes referred to as the "Amazon of Papua" is the province's largest river which winds through the northern part of the province. The result is a large area of lakes and rivers known as the Lakes Plains region. The famous Baliem Valley, home of the Dani people is a tableland 1600 m above sea level in the midst of the central mountain range; Puncak Jaya, sometimes known by its former Dutch name Carstensz Pyramid, is a mist covered limestone mountain peak 5030 m above sea level. 
A vital tropical rainforest with the tallest tropical trees and vast biodiversity, Papua's known forest fauna includes marsupials (including possums, wallabies, tree-kangaroos, cuscuses), other mammals (including the endangered Long-beaked Echidna), many bird species (including birds of paradise, cassowaries, parrots, cockatoos), the world's longest lizards (Papua monitor) and the world's largest butterflies.
The island has an estimated 16,000 species of plant, 124 genera of which are endemic. The unique culture & customs of the various Papua tribes make this a fascinating area to visit, especially for those interested in anthropology.   Tour Packages

 South Sulawesi

Home of the highland Torajans and the sea-faring Buginese, Sulawesi has a variety of exotic peoples, landscapes and natural wonders. Steep mountains, fast –flowing rivers, placid highland lakes, lush rain forests, lontar palm savannahs and white sand beaches plus a fascinating range of unusual flora and fauna. The colourful funeral rites, picturesque cliffside hanging graves and sacrificial feasts of the Torajans attract visitors from afar. To be lucky enough to observe funeral rites during one's stay, makes the trip even more special.

Active volcanoes, clear highland lakes, hotwater springs and thousands of kilometers of sandy beaches. The small islands in the Manado Bay offer world famous diving spots, with steep, pristine coral walls, and an enormous number of species.Tour Packages


Sumba (sOOm’ba) is one of the most fascinating island of Nusa Tenggara. The islands is roughly oval in shape. The greatest concentration of those who worship spirits (ancestral and those of the land) is found in West Sumba where two – thirds of the population hold on to their traditional belief.  It is here where incredible rituals take place, including. the “Pasola” where hundreds of horsemen fling spears at each other. These days the government allows this ritual to take place, but the spears must be blunt.
The island is famous for its art and handicrafts, particularly the most famous & considered best,  textile “ikat” weaving, and the renowned Hingi Ikat. Thread is stretched on a frame and tied with dyed resistant fibers to create the pattern before being immersed in dye and sun – dried. Bold animals or human figures are it's original design. The second stage is the process of re-binding and re-dying to a final design. 
The island is also known for its  white sandy beaches, rituals, tribal life, and ancient culture, high peaked thatch roof houses and giant megalithic tombs. The front of many traditional houses are decorated with huge water buffalo horns and boar’s tusks from  animals sacrificed during rituals of years gone by. Tour Packages


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